New Zealand is a campervanning paradise. With its stunning scenery, friendly locals, and endless things to see and do, it's no wonder that so many people choose to explore this beautiful country by campervan. Whether you're a first-time camper or an experienced RVer, there's something for everyone in New Zealand. We were lucky enough to explore this amazing country 5 years ago, so in this blog post, we'll share our top picks for the best places to visit when campervanning in New Zealand. 


Milford Sound

One of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand, Milford Sound is a must-see for any nature lover. With its towering mountains, pristine waterfalls, and magnificent fiords, Milford Sound is simply breathtaking. Located in Fiordland National Park, the best way to explore Milford Sound is by boat. There are plenty of tour operators offering boat cruises departing from Queenstown or Te Anau. Alternatively, if you're feeling adventurous, you can kayak or raft your way through the fiord. Whichever way you choose to experience it, Milford Sound is an unforgettable experience.


Lake Wanaka

Another Fiordland National Park gem, Lake Wanaka is renowned for its turquoise waters and picturesque mountain backdrop. Aside from being one of the most photographed lakes in New Zealand, Lake Wanaka is also a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. In winter, the lake's surrounding mountains are transformed into a skier and snowboarder's paradise, while in summer you can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and more. Wanaka is also home to Puzzling World—a quirky attraction featuring mazes, optical illusions, and brainteasers galore.


Abel Tasman National Park

If you're looking for breathtaking coastal scenery and golden sand beaches galore, Abel Tasman National Park is the place for you. Located at the top of the South Island, Abel Tasman National Park is one of New Zealand's smallest national parks but it packs a big punch. The park is home to native bush-clad hills, tranquil bays filled with marine life such as dolphins and seals, and some of the best walking tracks in New Zealand. Kayaking is also a popular activity here—you can even camp overnight on one of the many idyllic islands located within the park boundaries.



A must-visit destination for any keen adventurer, Rotorua is renowned for its world-class outdoor activities such as bungy jumping, whitewater rafting, sky diving—you name it! Rotorua is also home to some of New Zealand's most impressive geothermal activity including bubbling mud pools, steaming geysers, and hexagonal volcanic rock formations known as "devil's frypan." For something a little different (and decidedly stinky), be sure to check out Rotorua's famous sulphur springs! After a day of exploring Rotorua's great outdoors, you can relax and rejuvenate in one of the many top-notch thermal spas dotted around town.   


New Zealand is an incredible country with so much to see and do—no matter how you like to travel. If you're planning a trip to New Zealand anytime soon (lucky you!), be sure to add these amazing places to your itinerary. And if you're still undecided about where to go campervanning in New Zealand? Why not just visit them all! After all, with a country this beautiful, why would you want to limit yourself?