It’s easy to feel guilty about taking a holiday when you know the damage it could be doing to the environment. But there are ways to offset your carbon footprint and make your holiday more eco-conscious. Here are 7 tips for a sustainable holiday:


Book An Eco-Friendly Hotel Or Resort

Nowadays, there are plenty of hotels and resorts that have been built with sustainability in mind. From solar panels to water recycling systems, these accommodations are doing their bit to protect the environment. So, do your research and book a room at an eco-friendly hotel or resort next time you go on vacation.


Avoid Flying If You Can

Flying is one of the most polluting things you can do, so if you can avoid it then do. Take a look at alternative transport options like trains or buses – they may take longer but they’re far better for the planet. If you do have to fly, try to offset your carbon footprint by investing in carbon credits or planting trees (we try and do similar with our business). And always fly direct if you can – those layovers generate tons of additional carbon emissions.


Use Public Transportation When You Can

Taxis and rental cars may be convenient but they’re also bad for the environment. Instead, use public transportation when you can – it’s often cheaper too! Many cities now offer tourist passes which give you unlimited access to public transport for a certain period of time, so definitely take advantage of those if they’re available where you’re visiting.


Pack Light To Save Fuel

The heavier your luggage, the more fuel your plane, bus or train will burn – so pack light! This also reduces the chance of your luggage being lost in transit (which is always annoying). And if you do have to check a bag, make sure it’s not overloaded as that makes it more likely to be damaged during transit.


Stay Local To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The further away you travel, the more emissions you’ll produce getting there. So, try to stay local when planning your vacation – there are plenty of amazing places to see right on your doorstep! Not only will this reduce your impact on the environment but it’ll also save you money on travel costs. Win-win!


Choose Sustainable Tourist Activities

There are plenty of sustainable tourist activities available nowadays – from hiking and cycling tours to snorkeling and whale watching trips. Do some research before booking any activities and only choose companies that have sustainability at their core. You should also avoid any activities that involve riding elephants or other wild animals as these usually involve cruel training methods.


Stay at home!

If all else fails and you just can’t face leaving home this summer, there are plenty of ways to have a eco-friendly staycation! Spend time in your garden, go for hikes in local nature reserves or explore environmentally-friendly attractions near you.


These days, many of us are looking for ways to minimize our impact on the environment – and that includes when we go on holiday! There are plenty of simple steps you can take to make your holiday more eco-conscious, from choosing an eco-friendly hotel to flying less frequently. By following these tips, you can enjoy a sustainable holiday that doesn’t cost the earth!